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We have a total understanding of the product chefs require to ensure the dining experience for their customer is nothing but exquisite.

Freshness, quality and a good range of fine seafood makes things a little bit easier to deliver the seafood dishes at a standard we all expect.

We are based in Portavogie, a walking distance from the harbour. Portavogie is a well-known fishing village renowned for its scampi and prawns plus much much more.

Using Superior Oceans you are virtually getting your produce straight from the trawler, reducing the number of middle men, which results in good economics!!!

Product List

Scampi, Fresh and made to order

Hand crafted, restaurant quality scampi. Fresh local Portavogie prawns coated in Superior Oceans’ light crispy golden batter.
We only use quality and local ingredients and our Scampi has a prawn content of over 70%!!!
Making it without a doubt, the best on the market!!!

Approximately 45 pieces to the Lb.


Prawn Meat

Locally landed Portavogie prawn. Ready peeled for convenience and perfect for all your seafood dishes

Local whole tail prawn, peeled and deveined for both the public and restaurant trade. Our prawn is 100% natural and contains no additives or preservatives or colourings.

This product comes frozen.

Each pack contains 454g/1Lb.

Cod Fillet (Chip shop style)

Fresh fillet of Cod locally sourced from Portavogie.

Our Cod fillets are coated in Superior Oceans light crispy golden batter producing the Chip Shop Style fillet. The light coating of batter adds a delicious flavor while allowing the quality of Cod to be seen and tasted in every serving.

Each Cod fillet contains 185g of fresh fish.


Cod and Haddock fillets

Fresh or frozen Cod and Haddock fillets are available to order. We supply some of the most renowned restaurants, hotels, chip shops and other eateries across the Provence.
This product and is extremely popular with all their customers. Top quality and full of flavour.

Supplied by the Lb/Kg.


Always fresh and local

Fresh locally caught langoustine. Sourced straight from the boats that land at the harbor in Portavogie. These are perfect for starters and main courses. They are a succulent whole prawn that also look fantastic on a menu and plate.

Supplied by the Kg.


Crab Claws

with the shell removed and ready to use

North Atlantic single pincer Crab Claw.

Our crab claws have had the shell removed for you leaving just the best part – the succulent white crab meat.

Extremely popular as a starter and as a main and can be used in many different dishes and styles. Again they look great on any menu and served in any restaurant.

This product comes frozen, minimising wastage while increasing portion control.

Approximately 25/30 claws per Lb. Available in Lb /Kg packs.

Lobster (Live)

Locally sourced live lobster.

A high end seafood product found on many menus across the province. These are supplied alive to ensure the upmost freshness. Size can be tailored for the chef on request.

Available in any quantity and supplied by the Kg.



A seasonal product available from October to March, traditionally. Locally harvested with the reward of a soft fleshy texture and a delicately mild sweet flavor. These are even popular with those who are not particularly big seafood eaters.

25/30 scallops per Kg and supplied in 2kg tubs.